kinetic energy definition

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kinetic energy definition

What is kinetic energy ?Give example.

Kinetic energy – The energy possessed by a body by virtue of its motion is called its ‘kinetic energy. A moving object can do work. The amount of work which a moving object can do before coming to rest is equal to its kinetic energy.

kinetic energy definition
kinetic energy definition

(i) A moving hammer drives a nail into the wood. Being in motion, it has kinetic energy or ability to do work, as shown in Fig. 11.6.
(ii) A fast moving stone can break a window pane. The stone has kinetic energy due to its motion and so it can do work.
(iii) The kinetic energy of air is used to run windmills.
(iv) The kinetic energy of running water is used to run water mills.
(v) A bullet fired from a gun can pierce a target due to its kinetic energy.

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kinetic energy definition

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