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What is an ion

Que 1- What is an ion ?

Ans- An ion is a charged particle. It can be either positively charged or negatively charged. A negatively charged ion is called an anion and a positively charged ion is called a cation. Ions may consist a single charged atom or a group of atoms that have a net charge on them. Such a group of atoms carrying a net charge is known as a polyatomic ion. For example, Nat is a single charged atom and is known as sodium cation. Cl- is aa single charged atom and is known as chloride anion. NO, is a group of atoms carrying net negative charge and is known polyatomic anion.

Que 2-Name the ions in the following compounds :
Sodium fluoride, potassium bromide, calcium oxide, silver sulphide.

Ans- Sodium fluoride – Sodium cation and fluoride anion
Potassium bromide- Potassium ion (cation) and bromide ion (anion)
Calcium oxide – Calcium ion (cation)and oxide ion (anion)
Silver sulphide – Silver ion(cation) and sulphide ion (anion)

Que 3- Give an account of existence of various elements and compounds.

Ans- Metals exist as atomic crystals and do not form molecules. Generally, metals and other elements like carbon and silicon do not have single molecular structure but consist of a very large indefinite number of atoms bonded together. A form of carbon bonded with sixty atoms is called buckminsterfullerence.
Non-metals exist as molecules containing one or more atoms For example, argon exists as Ar and nitrogen as N

Compounds containing non-metals only exist as molecules. For example, compound of nitrogen and hydrogen is a ammonia molecule. Compound of carbon and oxygen is a carbon dioxide molecule.
Compounds containing metal and non-metal exist as ions. For example, compound of sodium and chlorine consists of positively charged sodium ions and negatively charged chloride ions.

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What is an ion

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